Preksha Academy Learners Today, Leaders Tommorrow.

We here at Preksha seeks to nurture futuristic global youth equipped with academic excellence, confidence and leadership qualities. We strive to provide a high quality environment that is challenging and innovative. Cultural activities are blended with every student's academic life, with a strong emphasis on discipline and human values.

While students excel in their academics, we tend to make them eco-sensitive citizen too. We focus on shaping our bright children into leaders of tomorrow. We create love for learning with social responsibility.

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Why Preksha Academy ? A Stepping Zone for Success, critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Experience & Expertise

With over three decades of experience, our teachers have gained high standards of excellence in education to mentor the students with the present academics to make them score very high marks.

Video Sessions

We conduct animated video lessons for all the subjects, for students convineince of understanding with well-equipped latest technology of ideas and knowledge.

Faculty Members

We have creative & skilled teachers who impart qualitative learning. Most of us have a rich teaching experience of over 10 years yet managed by a group of young enthusiastic professionals.


We believe in the fundamental dignity and discipline of each individual, Every Chapter will have assignments and worksheets given to the students on particular interval of time.